- Traditional Carpentry by Bill Staley
Handiwork and Repairs

Carpentry, Cabinetry and Funiture

Woodwork and repair
Boat carpentry and repair
Door casing replacement and repair
Window replacement and repair
Weather stripping
Window shades and blinds, replacement and repair
Bi-fold door replacement and repair
Molding replacement and repair 
Base molding replacement and repair
Crown molding replacement and repair
Chair rail replacement and repair
Wood floor replacement, and repair
Stair treads and handrails, replacement and repair
Wall paneling replacement and repair
Drywall replacement and repair
Countertops replacement and repair
Kitchen doors replacement and repair
Kitchen cabinet resurfacing
Kitchen cabinet replacement and repair
Formica replacement and repair
Vanity replacement and repair
Vanity resurfacing
Entertainment units replacement and repair
Closet cabinetry replacement and repair
Closet shelf repair
Shoe racks replacement and repair
Office desk replacement and repair
Lamp repair
Glass table top replacement
All types glass replacement
Lock set replacement and repair
Picture frame Replacement and repair
Bed frame repair
Couch frame repair
Table repair
Wall framing and repair
Deck  replacement and repair
Roof leak repair
Roof shingle and tile replacement and repair
Fascia replacement and repair
Soffit replacement and repair
Gutter replacement and repair
Toilet stalls replacement and repair, etc.

Finishes and Painting

Wall painting, interior and exterior
Door painting, interior and exterior
Trim and molding painting, interior and exterior
Wood refinishing
Cabinetry refinishing
Furniture refinishing
All types of fine finishes
Water sealing
Floor refinishing
Popcorn ceiling repair, etc.

Air filter replacement
Clean A/C condenser
Clean vents

Changing lighting systems
Repairing light switches
Replacing wall light switches
Replacing wall light covers
Replacing outlet sockets
Replacing wall outlet covers
Installing new ceiling fans
Replacing old ceiling fans
Repairing and replacing electric cords
Replacing light fixtures

Repairing leaky faucets
Installing new water faucets
Replacing faucet handles and components
Replacing water filters
Installation of water filter system
Repairing pipe leaks
Repairing Toilets
Replace and reseal toilet O rings
Replacing toilet seats
Replacing toilet components
Repair bath/shower parts
Replace bath/shower components

Painting & Decorating
House renovation
Indoor & outdoor work

Awning replacement and repair
Acoustical panel new, replace, and repair
Wall panel new, replace, and repair



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